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Meet jordanne Hogenson

Hello and welcome to Hooves in Motion Farrier Service,
My name is Jordanne, I have been around horses my whole life. Growing up I had every opportunity to work with many horses, and I did. I have trained countless horses and have learned something  new from every one. At the age of 6, I started my endurance racing career (you can see me and two of my great horses in action in the pictures). I started to realize I wanted to work with horses everyday and I would always bug our farriers growing up with all kinds of questions. Our farrier at the time was nice enough to give me a few tools and teach me the basic trim. I then decided I needed more and found mission farrier school. I attended this school in January and February of 2011, and receiving my certification I excitedly came home and started my business. Fast forward a few years, I am now married to Andrew and we have an amazing son named Wyatt. I have also recently went to school to become a certified equine massage therapist. So please enjoy my website and don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have! 

Meet Andrew Hogenson

My name is Andrew.
My hero is Walker, Texas Ranger, and I am a Criminal Justice Major, however, I was bored with not being able to do anything when trims were being done. So I decided to start taking lessons from Jordanne.  Turns out, I LOVE it!  I am very much enjoying the horses, and I have a real talent for the work. Jordanne is an excellent teacher! 
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